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Lippman Recupero cares about helping consumers resolve outstanding debts and get back on the path toward financial independence. We recognize the importance of financial literacy and its role in empowering individuals of all ages to make sound financial decisions. We encourage consumers to use these free resources and tools to build essential knowledge and develop healthy financial habits that can lead to financial well-being.

Ask Doctor Debt

Ask Doctor Debt


MyMoney.Gov is a free consumer resource provided by Receivables Management Association International that gives consumers helpful information that can help them to make more informed financial decisions. The website is organized by topic and by audience to provide pointed information, online instructional programs, financial tools, and more.

Ask Doctor Debt

A free online resource from ACA International, provides answers to questions about debt. Providing information about managing finances, communicating with creditors and debt collectors, and the consumer laws surrounding debt collection, helps consumers who are dealing with debt and credit issues.

MyMoney.Gov is a free online resource from the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission. This website provides action steps and helpful tips in the 5 building blocks for managing and growing money called the My Money Five. These five principles include earn, save & invest, protect, spend, and borrow to help consumers make day-to-day financial decisions and plan financial goals.

As a free consumer resource from major credit bureau Experian, provides consumers with a free Experian credit report. It also provides valuable information on how to read your credit report as well as information on identity theft, credit calculators, and other financial tools.

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