Legal Recovery Services

Customizable Solutions for Creditors

Our Professional Services

Lippman Recupero is a law firm and debt collection agency that provides superior recovery services for creditors across the United States. Our attorneys and recovery agents have the experience to optimize recovery programs for our clients quickly and effectively. We provide customizable rate programs, including contingency based collection programs, flat rate fees, and hourly rate services.

With extensive knowledge in all aspects of receivables management, we tailor our recovery solutions to match the unique needs and goals of each client. By leveraging state of the art debt collection and litigation management software, we are able to ensure the highest levels of transparency, compliance and reporting. Our company is fully compliant with all laws pertaining to the accounts receivable management industry.

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National Litigation Network

Lippman Recupero has an established reputation as a top provider of litigation services across the United States. Through our own staff attorneys and our national network of approved partners, we provide extensive litigation services that span all 50 states. Using our carefully selected network of the best collections attorneys in the nation, we provide our clients with faster results and increased liquidation with less risk for creditors.

Our unique perspective and experience in complex litigation provides our clients with financial, legal, and recovery strategies that drive growth. As a top-notch collections law firm, we have a firm grasp on rapidly evolving legislation and regulations that allows us to provide forward-thinking and innovative financial solutions for our clients. With in-depth knowledge of civil and business litigation, we offer a wide range of high-quality legal services to individuals, businesses, and corporations across the U.S.

National Call Center

Lippman Recupero streamlines the process of pursuing and recovering outstanding debts by combining legal and non-legal services under one roof.  Not only do we offer litigation services with Board-Certified attorneys across the United States, we also provide national call center services by our highly-trained call center staff, offering our clients live agent flexibility as part of a carefully curated recovery strategy.

By offering both debt recovery and litigation services, we provide options that simplify the recovery of non-performing assets, lessen the burden of vendor management, and optimize the value of portfolios. We understand the intricacies of the law and given client parameters, our litigation and call center teams are able to strategize and develop end-to-end accounts receivable management solutions that deliver measurable results. By leveraging our single point of contact for all recovery needs, organizations benefit from improved compliance, greater data security, and increased revenue.

Eviction Services Network

When tenants default and financial obligations are no longer being met, commercial and residential property landlords turn to Lippman Recupero. We are a full-service law firm and debt collection agency with unparalleled experience in all areas of the eviction process. We represent the interests of property owners and property management companies.

Our team understands the nuances of commercial and residential landlord tenant laws and how they vary from state to state. From reasonable flat-rate evictions to full legal eviction services, we provide efficient, reliable, and affordable eviction actions across the United States. Put a stop to the financial drain and stress of non-performing tenants. We will reach an amicable solution and recover property in a simple and professional manner.

Workflow & Process Optimization

Lippman Recupero specializes in the creation of efficiencies that accelerate the recovery of lost funds. We work with each client on a case-by-case basis to optimize the collections process and make non-performing accounts more valuable. Through the creation of automations and the improvement of processes, we help establish workflows that increase the rate of recovery.

Our team works diligently with each client to analyze the root cause of revenue leaks and create robust debt recovery solutions. We provide guidance with making changes to origination and loan servicing processes that make the debt more collectable after charge off. Through automation, we help to eliminate the manual processes that can slow down the recovery of funds and leave room for human error. Our team has the knowledge to create customized workflow guides that reduce error rates and accelerate workforce productivity and capacity-building.

End-to-End Client Services

Lippman Recupero provides superior client services that span the full lifecycle of accounts receivable. Our customizable recovery solutions are trusted by clients across the country to deliver the exceptional customer service, clear communication, and full compliance that drive bottom line results. Our experienced and professional team understands how to work within client parameters and become an extension of your receivables management strategy, thereby protecting your brand and your reputation.

Our attorneys, legal staff, and recovery agents are experienced in the strategy, management, and collection of a wide variety of accounts. As evidenced by our success rate, we understand the details and nuances associated with the ever-evolving laws and regulations that surround the receivables industry.