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Nationwide Litigation
& Debt Recovery Services

What We Do

We are a professional law firm and debt collection agency focused on creditors rights across the nation.

Litigation Network

Litigation Network

Directly licensed in 12 states and supported by a national network of approved partners, we provide extensive litigation and enforcement services that deliver results for our clients with increased liquidation with reduced risk.

Call Center

National Call Center

We provide the perfect mix of call center collections and litigation services to enable our clients to optimize their portfolio value. Our internal teams work together to achieve the best performance results for our clients.

Eviction Network

Eviction Network

We represent the interests of property owners and management companies with managing the eviction process. Our team understands the nuances of handling delinquent tenants and provides the resources you need.

Workflow And Process

Workflow & Process

We specialize in customizing workflows for each client that accelerate the recovery of past due funds, improve receivables reporting and optimize the collections process to unlock value from non-performing accounts.

Customer Service

Customer Service

 Our superior client services are trusted to deliver the transparency, compliance, and data security that protects client brands and increases revenue. Our success is tied to our clients performance and experience.

Data Security And Compliance

Data Security & Compliance

We believe the right to privacy and security is essential. We take extraordinary steps to ensure that our client and consumer data is well protected from cyber and physical threats.

Map of Lippman Recupero's reach

Nationwide Debt Collection Firm

Lippman Recupero is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona assisting creditors as a law firm and debt collection agency across the United States. Through our experienced recovery agents and our network of professional Board Certified attorneys, Lippman Recupero provides exceptional services that meet the diverse needs of our clients. If you’ve got debt, we can help you collect it. Contact our firm to see how we can help you.

Who We Are

Lippman Recupero is a full-service law firm and debt collection agency that provides both litigation and call center recovery services to creditors across the nation, delivering superior representation and professional recovery services within the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. Our customizable service programs cover many different areas of law including insurance subrogation, real estate, auto loans and leases, and revolving charge accounts. We deliver increased revenue for our clients while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and data security.

Our experienced team of professionals is well versed in creditors rights, helping our clients to recover past-due funds or otherwise remedy their situation through our law firm and debt collection agency services.

Business Group Meeting

Our Experience

We are trusted litigation and debt collection professionals yielding superior results that our clients depend on to optimize portfolio value and grow the bottom line.

Family couple consultations with a lawyer

Insurance Subrogation

Making a payment with a credit card

Retail Card

Modern Apartment buildings

Property Management & Evictions

Making a payment with a credit card

Credit Card

Client satisfied with his auto loan

Auto Loan & Leases

News & Blog

Lippman Recupero is active in our profession and our community. Keep up to date on our business and information on creditors rights.

Ways to Avoid Squatters Taking Over Empty Homes

March 25th, 2024|Categories: Lippman|

With stories of undocumented aliens becoming bolder and bolder in squatting on homeowners properties, along with our fellow citizens finding creative ways to claim they have "leased" a property, there are creative ways to avoid this, or at least make it easier to have people removed when or if this happens.

The Rise of Credit Card Debt in America: How Did We Get Here & What Can You Do?

July 4th, 2024|Categories: Lippman|

Credit cards are a convenient tool for everyday purchases, but for many Americans, they've become a burden. The reality is, credit card debt in the US has been steadily climbing for years, reaching record highs.

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