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Lippman Recupero is a law firm and debt collection agency providing superior quality legal and recovery services in all 50 states. Our diligent approach, full commitment to compliance, and industry knowledge have earned our company the reputation as the trusted national network of litigation and recovery professionals that efficiently maximizes recovery for our clients.

Our experienced attorneys are client-focused and understand the subtleties and complex legal requirements associated with the collection of past due accounts. We partner with you to develop customized recovery solutions that meet your exact needs. By utilizing advanced technologies and expedient workflows, our team yields exceptional results that clients repeatedly depend on to grow their bottom line.

Insurance Subrogation

Lippman Recupero has the experience and knowledge to handle complex subrogation claims with ease. Our proven team has longstanding relationships within the insurance industry and our unique processes optimize the recovery of insurance and surety claims.

Utilizing our vast network, we pursue damages nationwide. The field of subrogation and surety is technical and challenging. Our blend of experience and state-of-the-art technology allow us to develop compliant, cost-effective strategies that accelerate the recovery process and provide you with faster results.

Retail Card

When a debtor stops making payments on their account, Lippman Recupero has the knowledge to recover our clients’ money quickly and efficiently. Our innovative and customizable collection strategies optimize portfolio values to yield maximum results. We are compliant with the FDCPA and recover funds from delinquent retail card obligations professionally and respectfully.

Lippman Recupero is unique because we not only pursue litigation nationwide, we also deploy our national call center services to collect past due funds. Relieving creditors of the cumbersome management of multiple vendors, our carefully developed, end-to-end recovery strategies deliver improved compliance, greater data security, and increased revenue.

Property Management & Evictions

Protect your real estate interests and recover debts with our efficient, reliable, and affordable eviction services. Our experienced attorneys provide effectual and cost-effective legal and recovery services in commercial and residential litigation and collection. We have vast experience with assisting landlords and property management firms of all sizes to efficiently and respectfully collect on defaulted leases and landlord-tenant matters.

We understand how to manage the complicated and stringent processes of eviction. At Lippman Recupero, we tailor our recovery approaches to meet your precise real estate needs. With flexible strategies that include contingency based collection programs, flat rate fees, and hourly rate services, we are the company you can trust for effective and compliant eviction and collection services throughout the country.

Credit Card

Our team has an intimate understanding of how to maximize the value of portfolios by efficiently recovering funds from delinquent secured and unsecured revolving credit accounts. By providing a mix of litigation and call center services at the national level, we reduce the burden and liability of managing multiple vendors, providing our clients with a competitive edge through an increased focus on core business.

Lippman Recupero’s processes and procedures are in compliance with the FDCPA and all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to the Accounts Receivable Management industry. With our company, you can customize a seamless recovery strategy that spans from our widely-trusted litigation services to our high-quality call center services. Working with us, your organization can save valuable time, minimize risk, and improve cash flow.

Auto Loan & Leases

When auto finance relationships become troubled, creditors depend on Lippman Recupero to deliver effective and reliable litigation and recovery services that provide brand protection and increased rates of recovery. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of creditors rights and the arduous compliance needs of the auto finance industry.

When consumers become delinquent on loans and leases, businesses across the nation rely on our broad experience to deliver bottom line results. Our deep insight into auto finance litigation and collection can help you collect overdue accounts receivable more quickly and efficiently.