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Unexpectedly low attendance at conferences and events planned at your casino can lead to significant financial losses. Lippman Recupero understands the challenges casinos face due to conference and event attrition, and we’re here to help. Our experienced debt collection attorneys can assist you in recovering owed funds associated with contracted attendance figures.

Attrition, or the difference between contracted and actual attendance at an event, can have a major financial impact on casinos that host conferences, trade shows, and other events. Lippman Recupero offers a comprehensive approach to casino debt collection for event attrition.

How We Can Help

Lippman Recupero’s debt collection services can be crucial for casinos facing financial losses due to event attrition across various event types:

  • Entertainment Events: Concerts, comedy shows, and other entertainment events often rely on contracted ticket sales. Attrition can leave the casino responsible for unsold tickets and lost revenue.
  • Sporting Events: Hosting sporting events like boxing matches or tournaments often involves contracted attendance guarantees. Lower-than-expected turnout can lead to significant financial losses.
  • Charity Events: While charitable, many charity events rely on contracted attendance figures to generate revenue through sponsorships, ticket sales, or silent auctions. Attrition can affect the amount raised for the charity.
  • Private Parties: Private parties like weddings or corporate events often involve contracted guest numbers and catering costs. Lower attendance can result in unused services and lost revenue.
  • Corporate Events: Large corporate conferences or meetings may involve contracted room bookings, catering services, and audio-visual equipment rentals. Attrition can leave the casino responsible for unused services and lost income.
  • Trade Shows and Conventions: Trade shows and conventions can be a significant source of revenue for casinos, often involving contracted booth space rentals and attendee packages. Lower-than-expected attendance can impact these revenue streams.

What is Attrition?

Attrition refers to the difference between the number of attendees contracted for an event and the actual number who show up. This can be caused by various factors, such as unexpected cancellations, travel disruptions, or changes in economic conditions.

Types of Attrition

Revenue Attrition

Revenue attrition represents the financial bleeding caused by the gap between the number of attendees a casino contracts for in an event and the number who actually show up. This shortfall can significantly impact a casino’s bottom line, affecting various revenue streams.

Many conferences and events involve contracted room block reservations. Attrition translates to empty hotel rooms, lost revenue from accommodation, and potential missed opportunities for additional guest spending within the casino. These missed room stays can also have a ripple effect, impacting housekeeping staff hours, laundry services, and potential in-room dining revenue.

Cumulative Attrition

While revenue attrition focuses on the financial losses associated with a single event, cumulative attrition takes a broader perspective. It measures the total number of attendees who did not attend across a series of events over a specific timeframe, such as a quarter, year, or even several years.  

This metric is crucial for casinos that host frequent conferences, trade shows, or other events, as it allows them to assess the long-term impact of event shortfalls on their profitability.

Per Night Attrition

Per night attrition is a specific metric used for multi-day events, such as conferences, trade shows, or large private parties. It focuses on the number of attendees who do not show up for a particular night, as opposed to the total event.  

This detailed measurement provides valuable insights into attendance patterns and helps casinos manage resources and revenue expectations throughout the event.

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