About Us

Experienced Professionals

Lippman Recupero is a law firm and debt collection agency that provides both litigation and call center recovery services to creditors across the United States. Through our carefully developed network of experienced and professional Board Certified attorneys and recovery agents, we provide expeditious and reliable services that meet the diverse and specific needs of our clients in all 50 states.

Mission Statement

We are committed to unwavering legal and ethical standards that provide the highest quality of professional litigation and collection services for our clients and their businesses. We conduct ourselves and our business with integrity, transparency, and the utmost respect for consumers while delivering our clients innovative recovery solutions with unparalleled results.


Our professional team analyzes the unique needs of each client to tailor recovery solutions in the areas of insurance subrogation, real estate, auto loans and leases, revolving charge accounts, and more. Our deep understanding of the intricacies of nationwide collections and the rules and regulations that govern the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry allows us to deliver maximum results for our clients while protecting their brands and reputations.

Guided by Respect for Consumers

Lippman Recupero and our national network are committed to treating consumers with respect. We adhere to all state and federal regulations, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and provide regular professional development to ensure that our employees maintain a compliant and compassionate approach throughout each interaction. We are committed to providing our clients and consumers with high quality services that are guided by integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Data Security & Compliance

  • Encrypted hard drives on all servers and workstations using Bitlocker Drive Encryption
  • Utilization of the most advanced access management system to ensure only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas
  • Deployment of Symantec’s Endpoint Protection Suite 12.1.5 which provides 5 layers of network protection
  • Security monitoring systems in all sensitive parts of our facility
  • Secure onsite and offsite system backups
  • Visitor login software that collects photographs and electronic signatures on a non-disclosure agreement prior to issuing badges
  • Access to printer and copiers is limited to staff with appropriate security clearance
  • While in our workplaces, the use or possession of any type of camera phone, cell phone, camera, digital camera, video camera, or other form of image or voice-recording device is prohibited

Associations and Affiliations

Our membership in prominent industry associations provides us with access to important legislative and regulatory news, emerging trends and developments, and advanced education and training. Lippman Recupero actively participates in events, conferences, educational seminars/webinars, association activities, and networking opportunities across the United States to develop the deep knowledge and professional network that benefits our clients and their businesses.

RMAi logo

Receivables Management Association International

Our company is part of the RMAI culture of compliance and excellence and we are active in association events, conferences, and educational opportunities.

RMAi Certification Badge

RMAI Certified Receivables Business

The Certified Receivables Business certification assures our commitment to the rigorous and uniform industry standards of best practice and the RMAI Code of Ethics.

ACA International logo

ACA International

As an ACA Attorney Division Member since 2015, we pledge ourselves to the ethical standards within the credit and collection industry.

ABA logo

American Bar Association

Our membership signifies our adherence to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and our commitment to integrity and ethics.

ACUCC logo

Arizona Credit Union Collector’s Council

We provide compliant and professional collection-related services to Credit Unions across the United States.

NASP logo

National Association of Subrogation Professionals

We stay on the cutting-edge of the subrogation industry through webinars, educational opportunities, and conferences.